Middlefield Farm

At Middlefield Farm we have been raising and breeding Hanoverians for over 30 years. During that time we have cultivated an environment where a proper diet plan and hands on attention are a daily prerequisite for each horse. The horses are allowed to grow up in large fields among their peers where they can socialize and play in a healthful manner. At the same time they eat in individual feeding pens where they are guaranteed to get what they need. In addition to having the appropriate facilities and layout needed to raise the horses, we can also assist the owner with starting these horses in a manner which focuses on the horse's well-being. This process must be implemented with understanding and patience using a technique that brings about the trust and development of a receptive mind. There, we offer years of valuable experience coupled with the ability to look after the individual. This care will properly prepare the horse for inspections, the sales barn, or the professional rider who may be taking the horse to the next level. Obviously, we want to do our part to help insure that the owner will have the pleasure of owning a healthy well-adjusted individual.