The Hanoverian originated in the Lower Saxony region of Germany, the former kingdom of Hannover. The State Stud was founded at Celle in 1735 by George II, the King of England and Elector of Hannover. The Hanoverian Studbook began in 1888. Although originally bred as a carriage and military horse, the Hanoverian became a performance breed over the last 50+ years. Today, the Hanoverian is seen at the highest levels of competition in dressage, jumping, combined training and driving.

The Hanoverian breed continues to be influenced by the Thoroughbred, Trakehner, and anglo Arab as well as from bloodlines of other German warmbloods. According to the American Hanoverian Society:

"The goal of the Hanoverian breeding program is to produce a noble horse with a cooperative temperament, elastic gaits, correct conformation, and outstanding ability in international equestrian disciplines."

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